Crunch - Slag Ronin 5.5"

Image of Crunch - Slag Ronin 5.5"


Crunch is a Custom 5.5" Croney Platform using Polymer Clay, Mixed Media, & Acrylic. He is One of a Kind.
The last remaining vestiges of once great warriors, The Ronin of the Slag Wasteland, are all that remain of the Great War that burned that cursed place onto the face of the world of Penopticon. Slag Ronin however are not to be underestimated, for vestiges of their former selves they may be, venerable warriors they still are, now plying their trade as swords for hire across the land. While highly skilled paid mercenaries the true purpose that drives a Slag Ronin is to reclaim his honor, often along with ceremonial armor, weaponry, and decapitated head, that was stripped from his once lifeless form. Authorities & citizens alike search for the truth behind dark rumors of who may be reanimating these long dead heroes & villians, and to what true purpose.

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